Curaçao Blue is an orange liqueur similar to triple sec with a sweet, slightly tangy, orange-ish flavor. The distinctive blue color comes from food coloring. It’s also available in other colors, but the blue version is by far the most exotic and popular. It is flavored with the dry peel of a special type of orange that is not only native to Curaçao, it is not to be found anywhere else in the world. While ruling Curaçao around 1500 the Spanish brought with them Valencia orange plants from Spain carrying high hopes for agricultural development.


Unfortunately, the scorching sun and dry climate there did not provide the ideal growing circumstances they had dreamt and the Valencia orange evolved into a green skinned bitter citrus fruit called the laraha. The fruit itself was inedible but the deliciously fragrant peels were dried and soaked in alcohol, which became the extract for the Curaçao liqueur we have come to love!